Do Clear Braces Stain? 5 Tips to Save Your Bright Smile



Clear braces have become popular over the last several years because they offer the moving power of metal braces with less visibility. Our teen patients love them, but so do our adult patients. They often have questions about them, though. The most common questions are, do clear braces turn yellow as teeth do over time? Do clear braces stain? 

Clear braces like those used by Northwest Orthodontics are made to be stain-resistant, but they can still get stained over time. We have a few tips to help you keep your clear ceramic braces bright and beautiful throughout your treatment! 

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Do Clear Braces Turn Yellow? 

Do clear braces get stained as teeth do? Not if you care for them properly! Clear braces like the ones we use are made of a special ceramic material that is designed to be stain-resistant. That means it’s difficult to stain them. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Like your teeth, clear braces can stain over time, particularly if you indulge in certain foods or drinks often and don’t care for your braces properly. 

Can you keep your clear braces clear? Yes, with proper care! We have a few suggestions to help keep your braces clear throughout your treatment. 

What Stains Ceramic Braces? 

Though stain-resistent, ceramic braces can change color over time, particularly if you regularly indulge in certain foods and drinks. What can stain your ceramic braces? Deep-colored foods like tomato sauces, fruits, and vegetables like beets can discolor your braces. Certain spices like turmeric or curry powder can discolor clear braces, as well. 

Several drinks can discolor your braces. Coffee is a big culprit, because it’s not only dark but contains certain natural acids that can leave stains on your clear braces and your teeth. Many teas can do this as well. Another big culprit is sodas. Much like coffee, sodas also contain acids that can stain your teeth and clear braces. 

Do clear braces stain easily? Not really, but they can stain if they come in frequent content with these foods and drinks. Don’t worry! There are ways you can keep your clear braces beautiful. 


How Do I Keep My Clear Braces Clear?

So how do you keep your clear braces clear throughout your treatment? We have a few tips on what to avoid and what to do if you can’t avoid them. 

Avoid Foods That Can Stain

Chocolate, tomato sauces, ketchup, mustard, fruits like strawberries and grapes — these are a few of the foods that can stain over time if consumed repeatedly. There are also some candy you want to avoid with braces. Try to limit your intake of these foods, or at least rinse your mouth right after you eat them. Just remember, this is temporary when it comes to your braces. 

Avoid Spices That Can Stain

Some spices can stain your clear braces, including turmeric, curry powders, saffron, chili powders, and other deep-colored spices. Food coloring can also stain your clear braces. Even mouthwash colored blue, red, or green can stain over time. Avoid these if you can, but brush as soon as possible if you can’t avoid them. 

Avoid Drinks That Can Stain

Coffee, tea, fruit juices, sodas, dark-colored wine and spirits, cocktail mixes, and other dark drinks can stain your braces if consumed regularly. Brush your teeth afterward if you can, or just rinse your mouth out. The best solution is to stick to water, but be warned — water enhancers with dark colors can also stain. Plain water is best all around. 

Brush and Floss as Soon as Possible

The best way to preserve your clear braces is to brush your teeth immediately after your eat or drink dark foods or liquids, before they have time to soak into the ceramic material. The longer the colors are on your teeth, the better the chances they’re going to start to stain. 

We know you can’t always brush after every meal, so try rinsing your mouth with clear water until you can brush and floss properly. Rinsing with clear water also helps remove plaque and acids from your teeth, reducing your chances of tooth decay. 

Say No to Tobacco

Tobacco does a lot of nasty things to your body, including staining your teeth and your clear braces. Whether it’s smoking, vaping, or using chewing tobacco, the chemicals will cause your teeth and clear braces to yellow over time. Tobacco use can also cause gum disease, tooth decay and mouth cancer. The best solution is to quit using tobacco. There are lots of ways to do this. Talk with us or your doctor if you’d like more information. 

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Clear Braces in Northwest Arkansas

Whether you choose clear braces or metal braces, the key to keeping your braces in top condition is to brush and floss your teeth every day. Avoiding certain foods and drinks can keep your clear braces clear throughout your treatment. Drinking and rinsing with plain water can also help your braces as well as your teeth. 

Northwest Orthodontics offers clear braces that are customized for you, and we provide information on surviving with braces. We make sure your braces are clean and doing their jobs during your regular visits to our office, though you’ll find you need fewer office visits with our braces. 
Want to find out more? If you need braces or clear braces in Fayetteville, AR, or Centerton, AR, or braces in Fort Smith, AR, get started with a free virtual consult! We’ll get started evaluating your case before we invite you into our office for a free examination and evaluation. If you’re ready for a beautiful new smile, we’re ready to get you on the path to that smile today!

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