Your Treatment Options


The best solution to fit your lifestyle.

Your Treatment Options

Want orthodontic treatment options? No problem! At Northwest Orthodontics, we're happy to listen to you and give you simple solutions. 


Clear braces work in the same way as the metal Damon braces, but they’re made of a clear material that makes it difficult to tell if you’re wearing braces at all. Learn More →


The Damon System allows Dr. Gray to complete your treatment faster and with less discomfort than with traditional braces without sacrificing quality in any way. Learn More →


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Many people think clear aligners cost more than braces because, in many places, they do. Not here! At Northwest Orthodontics, we charge the same fee whether you choose Invisalign, other clear aligners, or clear or metal braces! That means you have real options

If Invisalign or Invisalign Teen isn't for you, Damon braces may be just the thing. Whether you choose clear or metal braces, you'll get treatment that's effective and efficient and can be completed in as little as 12 months! Start with a consultation with Dr. Gray to determine your best option. Why not? Consultations are free!

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