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Do you find brushing your teeth and wearing braces a real chore? Well, there's one more step to keeping those pearly whites healthy while correcting your alignment: flossing! Flossing is just as important as brushing because it removes plaque that builds up between your teeth and around the wires of your braces.

Tooth decay can get worse if the bacteria isn't removed. That's why orthodontists in Fayetteville, Fort Smith, and Centerton recommend you make sure to floss twice a day or more while in braces. It might sound like a hassle, but trust us when we say it's worth the effort!

Don't worry: you don't have to do it with traditional floss – there are plenty of tools out there specifically designed for those with braces. So go ahead and give your teeth the extra attention they need while your braces are on.

Should You Floss Twice a Day?

TLDR: Yes, absolutely, especially if you're in braces! Need more convincing? Read on for 5 great reasons to floss twice a day:

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#1 – Flossing Twice a Day Helps Prevent Cavities.

Plaque is formed on your teeth when you eat, and if not removed, it can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Flossing can prevent these problems by removing plaque from your teeth and gums. It is essential to floss regularly, at least twice a day, because plaque can form quickly, and once it hardens, it becomes tartar, which is harder to remove.

#2 – Flossing helps freshen bad breath.

Plaque and tartar buildup in the mouth is one of the top causes of bad breath (halitosis). When you don't floss, food particles and bacteria get trapped, leading to a foul odor. Flossing removes the junk from between teeth, thereby preventing bad breath. Win!

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#3 – Flossing helps remove stains from your teeth.

Regular flossing helps prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth, which can cause stubborn stains that make your teeth look yellow and lackluster. Flossing can also help remove surface stains that brushing alone may not be able to tackle.

#4 – Dental health is directly linked to overall health.

Bacteria in your mouth can enter your bloodstream and lead to infections if you don't brush and floss correctly. Furthermore, the bacteria can contribute to health issues like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. To reduce your risk of developing these floss regularly, as it helps remove the bacteria from your mouth. Floss twice a day, live long, and prosper!

#5 – Get the Smile of Your Dreams when Your Braces Come Off

Nobody wants to end up with a mouth full of cavities after getting their braces off. You've put in the work, you wore your rubber bands, you gave up chewing gum — now's your time to enjoy the smile you've always wanted!

How to Floss Properly (A Step-By-Step Guide)

  1. Begin by taking a large section of floss and wrapping it around your middle finger, leaving a small length of about an inch or two to use for flossing.
  2. Place the floss between your thumb and index finger to hold it.
  3. Use a back-and-forth motion to gently insert the floss between your teeth.
  4. Make sure you floss carefully and avoid poking your gums with it.
  5. Curve the floss into a C shape when you reach the gumline.
  6. Slide the floss gently up and down along the surface of your tooth.
  7. Before moving to a new tooth, repeat the process several times.
  8. Be sure to use a clean section of floss for each tooth.
  9. Use either water or mouthwash to rinse your mouth.
  10. Finally, brush your teeth as usual.

It might sound like a hassle, but it'll be worth the effort! Now go forth and floss with confidence. Your teeth will thank you for it!

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Are Braces or Invisalign Right for Me?

It’s not always easy to know if you need braces or not, but recognizing the signs and seeking professional guidance is the first step toward a healthier smile. Don't hesitate to schedule a free consultation with Northwest Orthodontics to determine if braces are right for you or your child. Investing in your dental health today can lead to a lifetime of confident smiles!

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