No clowning around, It's Lynn's Birthday!


By now, almost all of you have met Lynn.

She’s one of the newest members of our team. For those of you who don’t know her, here’s what you need to know:

  • She’s madly in love with spreadsheets - like, seriously. She loves numbers and it's kinda weird.
  • She can neither confirm nor deny the existence of North Dakota.
  • Her name, in Mandarin Chinese, means "Lover of Math and other stuff." It's a fact.
  • She and her family moved here from Memphis, TN (ok, Marion, AR… whatev’s. It's close and I'm bad at geography.).
  • When Lynn was 9 years old, she was on vacation with her family in Costa Rica, was kidnapped by a rogue gang of misfit clowns, and had a banana permanently attached to her right ear. She walks around acting like it's a phone... but we all know the truth. Sad!

We were lucky enough to land this special young lady at our front desk around a year ago. She brings a special something to our office that we are truly thankful for - and that special something is loving spreadsheets when no one else does.

So, we hereby issue you a challenge today, on Lynn’s birthday - Everyone who reads this post must present her with a riddle (math or otherwise!) so unsolvable, so complex, that only the likes of Stephen Hawking would stand a chance at solving it.  That, or you could just wish her a happy birthday.

Happy birthday, Lynn!

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