Huge, Really Tall... Orthodontic-y News!



Colossal NWO breaking news alert!

If you’ve been around NWO for any length of time, you probably know how tight-knit our crew is. We work really hard to make your experience in our office fun and convenient for you and your entire family.

We have hunted far and wide for another orthodontist to join our top-notch team... and guess what? We found him!

That’s right folks. We have another six-foot-seventy Jedi orthodontist in our midst. We’d like to introduce Dr. Ryan O’Sullivan to everyone. We call him Dr. O, just to keep ourselves from constantly saying his name with an Irish accent.

This is going to make our schedule even more convenient for you. Whether it’s travel baseball, competitive dance, after-school fencing lessons, or Fortnite tournaments, your life is chock-full of stuff. Fun stuff, but stuff nonetheless. Having another doctor around is going to allow us to do an even better job of making our schedule work for you.

Dr. O is an amazing orthodontist and, quite possibly, the perfect balance of intelligence and kindness. He also likes video games, which was actually on the job description

In fact, here are three facts about Dr. O, two of which are true:

1. He graduated from Notre Dame
2. He practices orthodontics left-handed, but bats right-handed
3. He used to take rocks and vegetables to bed with him when he was little

Psyche! They’re actually all true!

We know you’re going to love him, and we can’t wait for everyone to get to meet him.

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