Teachers: You deserve a drink...


...A Sonic Route 44, that is.

We know most of you kids are dreading going back to school to face new teachers, classes, schedules, and homework.  At the very least, you probably feel a little bit nervous about the whole thing.


But consider this: While you may have just a handful of new teachers, your teachers may have 30-200 new students!  On top of that, they have already been hard at work for a while now, getting classrooms ready, preparing lesson plans, and trying to make your new school year amazing.

So in our opinion, these awesome educators could use a drink, and we want to pick up the tab!  If you are a teacher in Northwest Arkansas, stop on by our office anytime during business hours next week (August 8th-11th) for a $10.00 Sonic gift card. No strings attached, just a "Thank You" and a"Good Luck this year!" from us to you.

We love you guys and what you do, so have a refreshing Route 44 of calm before the storm on us.  Hey, have a yummy, melty, double cheeseburger if that is what will make your day!

You deserve it!

**As a note to some of our more...um... "enterprising" patients - yes, your actual teacher has to show up to grab this gift card.  I know you probably want to come. "Grab it for them since they're sooooo busy...and stuff!"