Happy Birthday, Dr. Gray!!


?  ? Happy Birthday, Doctor Gray!! ?  ?

It is our favorite Star Wars loving, hairless Chewbacca looking, braces wearing boss’ 42nd birthday today!!!!

There is so much to say about this guy, where do we even start?  The Northwest Orthodontic team didn’t have any trouble chiming in.  Here are some things we love about Dr. Gray, as well as some pretty funny memories we have collected along the way.

Happy Birthday!!


Oh, if you were looking for some embarrassing pictures from Dr. Gray’s past, we posted those last year!

You can find them here (click here). Seriously, go check those out!

I’m genuinely grateful for the stability that you’ve added to my life. Thank you for letting me think, and be myself! We’re all basically like family…except we don’t have to spend the holidays together!! PS. The skin condition commonly known Rosacea is a real thing 😉


I’ve always admired Dr. Gray’s ability to make people smile and how easy it is for him to connect to people. He’s also a very generous person. 


Life is never boring with JG…  He’s up on the latest technology and wants to share with anyone who is interested. I have more apps than I’ll ever need because he’s always telling us about the latest and best app that you cannot live without.  I’m thankful to work for someone who is full of life and so giving!!


Besides being a great boss, I just kind of like the fact that he’s tall and can reach things for me 😉


Dr. Gray is a great boss, but the thing that I really like the most is the fact that Dr. Gray just DOES NOT complain… even after he hurts his back at Crossfit.


So JG is awesome because he likes dogs. Not as much as me, of course… But he likes them, so that makes him a winner in my book.


Dr. Gray is just an all-around awesome guy. We are all very lucky to get to work with his goofy, big-hearted, positive, 6-foot-eleventy self. Thanks for being a boss that we all are proud to stand behind…or beside…or waaaaay under, or something. Happiest of Birthdays, Dr. Gray!!!


Dr. Gray makes coming to work so much fun and I can’t imagine working with anyone else! Thank you for showing us that it’s ok that every day can be Taco Bell day 😉


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