What a Bummer, No More Summer | 2018


Well... summer is officially over!

We know, we know... lots of you don't go back to school until next week (and there's always the weekend!) - but here at Northwest Orthodontics, our "What A Bummer, No More Summer" Patient Appreciation Party marks the end of summer for us. We know that the US Government bases the end of summer on our schedule, right?

This year we were absolutely excited to host Wright's Barbecue, Shave The Planet, Wicked Wood Firestone Pizza, and Mo's Tacos and Churros! They served up tasty treats for all of our patients as if it were our patients' last tastes of freedom before they head back to school!

So why do we do this?

Every year people ask us, "Why a big blowout at the end of the summer?"  Well, there are a few good reasons. 1) We love tasty food, and we love all the food trucks that Northwest Arkansas has to offer.  2) We love to have fun! 3) We honestly love our patients, and this is just one way for us to prove it. Everyone knows that tacos and pizza are the truest forms of love, right?!

We truly believe that giving back to the Northwest Arkansas community is just something a business like ours should do, especially how grateful we are to live here and work here. You guys are family to us - the patients, the parents, everyone! So, if the Northwest Orthodontics crew throwing an end-of-summer party every day in our parking lot for a week makes going back to school even a little bit easier, then we are all for it!

We hope you guys had a blast! 

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