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While some lowerclassmen still have their heads buried in books, studying for finals and prepping for cray-cray summers full of camps and college visits, Fayetteville High School (FHS) seniors tossed their caps to the sky on Thursday, saying “See ya” to high school forever.

Congratulations to all the graduates, and best wishes for a bright future!

Before officially waving farewell to the 2015-2016 school year, we want to highlight a couple of our all-star patients rockin’ the academics.

Emily Jackson and Blake Young took FHS by storm, and we couldn’t be prouder.

It doesn’t matter how pretty your teeth are - there’s no smiling your way through the ACT standardized test, but Emily Jackson managed to nail the exam on the head with a perfect 36 score. Way to go, Ems!

Her prowess doesn’t stop with the books; she also was selected for the top All-State Choir and the top All-State Band this year. Oh, and did we mention she’s just a sophomore?!!!

We’re pretty pumped to see what this stellar student will set her determined eyes onto next. Rumor has it, she enjoys studying Spanish, so we’ve no doubt she’ll be fluent in no time flat.

Big beautiful smilin’ Blake Young was recently named on the Academic All-Star Team by Arkansas Times. He’s not only crazy smart but he’s also got some mad skillz to boot.

He boasts (albeit humbly – he’s totally down to earth) a perfect record in the discus and shot put meets for the school track team that has him headed to Harvard! He’s also got serious pipes that placed him as an All-Region and All-State choral singer, he’s an Eagle Scout, and we’re pretty sure he’s Superman too. But shh, we weren’t the ones to spill the beans!

We just wanted to give a shout-out to these two outstanding test-taking and no-doubt retainer-wearing patients, but we know we have several others that are totally killing it in school, too.

Happy Summer, Everybody, and don’t forget us when you're making it big! 

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